Bailey Mill

At the southern end of Newcastleton take a left, heading up the hill past Sorbietrees and down to Kershope Bridge, right up the steep hill to the telephone box and onward to Bailey Mill. Keep your eyes peeled and follow the Route 10 signs towards Bewcastle. You will soon see a handsome cluster of white buildings that look as if they have been transported from SW France and carefully placed in this harsher clime. This is Bailey Mill, an excellent stop off, whether for food and drink or an overnight stay.

Bewcastle Cross

The famous Bewcastle Cross has survived 1300 years of relentless border weather in St Cuthbert’s churchyard. The church and remains of the castle stand remote and almost alone save for a farmhouse in this
forgotten outpost in a great sweep of wild and rugged countryside. There is a display of interpretative panels nearby in the small Past & Present Heritage Centre. They tell the story of the Anglo- Saxon cross. The runic inscriptions and carving are of a very high quality for this period in history.