About the Village

Named after the river (Cold-beck), Caldbeck was a thriving rural industrial centre before steam-power and the Industrial Revolution. There is still a clog-maker in the village centre.
In 1800 there were no fewer than eight water-powered mills making bobbins, woollens and grinding corn.

The Priests Mill which has been beautifully restored houses a craft centre, display area and restaurant with a picture gallery. In the churchyard is John Peel’s grave , the famous Cumbrian Huntsman, and that of Mary, the Beauty of Buttermere who was the subject of the novel ‘The Maid of Buttermere’ by Melvyn Bragg. Lord Bragg, incidentally, hails from nearby Wigton and is understandably proud of his local routes (he’s a keen cyclist).

Places of Interest

The Howk: beautiful hidden pathway through the woods to a waterfall and the aforementioned mill. Take a break and have a look…
The Clog Maker, Will Strong: next to the bridge.