Tynemouth & Whitley Bay

Those of you doing the round trip will recognise the first three miles of the route, since it is the same as the last three miles of the C2C, but at North Shields it executes a smart right turn and
off you go towards the Scottish Border.

There is plenty to do in Tynemouth, which has monuments testifying to a history ranging from Roman times (it is the start of the Hadrian’s Cycleway) to the area’s recent industrial heritage. Wallsend, nearby, is ideal for the Hadrian’s Wall experience. The fort at Segedunum was recently brought back to life at a cost of £9 million, with the only restored Roman bathhouse in Britain.

In medieval times, it was the preferred residence of the queens married to both Edward I and Edward II while their husbands were off bashing the Scots – successfully in the case of the first, less so for his son.

Down river, on the opposite bank, sits Jarrow, home of the Venerable Bede, and the Bede’s World Museum. It was also the starting point for the Jarrow March, when 200 protesters descended upon London in 1936 and made one of the most striking political statements in working class history.