There is not a huge amount at Hethersgill, a place whose economy has been traditionally fuelled by peat extraction. You can stop for a pint at the Black Lion pub, which belongs to the same folk who run the Drove Inn at Stapleton, near Hethersgill. Route: From Hethersgill follow signs to Boltonfellend and head lett to Kirklinton. Here you are on the river Lyne, not far from Longtown. There are lots of tiny communities dotted around here.

“Summer is for grazing, but autumn is for raiding”
The Reivers were far too busy tending crops and fattening the cattle in summer to be doing any plundering, but as soon as the crops were gathered and the horses fit they would be hot foot across the border to get down to the serious winter business of stealing each other’s wives, cattle, sheep & carefully-stored winter goods again.